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Counterintelligence Surveillance Training

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The perfect tool for any unit that conducts surveillance

We have developed a unique “hybrid” counterintelligence surveillance program for criminal investigators, organized retail crime (ORC) investigators and intelligence professionals. This is the highest level of relevant surveillance training available anywhere. Over years of critiques, consultations and implementation, we have successfully integrated counterintelligence methodologies and criminal investigations in to a training curriculum that is easy to understand and highly effective.

We use a Crawl, Walk, Run cycle of training. Instruction starts in the classroom and quickly progresses to hands on instructor-led practical drills. Most training ends with a final exercise that utilizes role players who are unknown to the students. The use of unknown role players, not instructors, is unique to our training program and offers the highest level of reality-based training available in the industry.


Our team is comprised of experienced instructors, exercise controllers and role players. All have diverse backgrounds and operational experience in their fields. They bring experience from various intelligence and investigative agencies. They have backgrounds with the FBI, HSI, DOD, Drug and Vice Unitsand Retail Crime Investigations.

All of our instructors and exercise controllers are still active in their respective fields of expertise and most are recognized as Subject MatterExperts (SME). Because they are all still operational, they bring current trends and techniques to the training program, which gives Surveillance Opsthe advantage over other surveillance training companies. This guarantees the most up-to-date, relevant training for the student.


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Freedoms Thoughts

Surveillance is an art. It should never be treated frivolously. Surveillance demands professionalism and skill obtained through training, heavily critiqued exercises and experience (practical application in the field).
I’ve been on every side of the surveillance spectrum. I’ve been the trainee, the operator, investigator, trainer, evaluator and boss. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. I’m not just an instructor, I’m still an active surveillance operator. This allows me and my team to stay on top of current trends in surveillance. I’ll share real-world “wins and opportunities” with you. Whether you’re new to surveillance or a long-time veteran of it, stop by the blog every now and then. You might read something you like or you might see something you disagree with, either way, I’m always open for discussion.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a structured, scenario based “real world” exercise designed and controlled by experienced counterintelligence surveillance operators. The exercises are designed to expose surveillance teams to as much counterintelligence tradecraft as possible in a given time. This counterintelligence tradecraft includes adversarial surveillance detection and counter surveillance measures.

The Surveillance Ops team can design a Red Team exercise to evaluate your current surveillance capabilities. Prior to the Red Team design, our instructors speak with the client to determine what the expected operational capacity is of their current surveillance program. A Red Team exercise is then custom designed to meet the needs of the client. After the exercise, a debriefing or After Action Report will take place with all participants. The “wins” and “opportunities” regarding the exercise and the surveillance capabilities are discussed.

Surveillance Support

Investigating an Organized Retail Crime ring and need help identifying boosting crews and fencing locations? No problem. Our experts can collect all the intel you need by developing Patterns Habits and Behaviors (PHB’s) on the boosters and identifying fencing locations. We will work closely with your Loss Prevention or ORC investigator to help Identify, Disrupt and Dismantle boosting crews and fencing locations that are affecting your business.

Maybe your company or agency just needs to augment their surveillance capabilities. Surveillance Ops instructors and contractors are available to assist with your real-world surveillance and intelligence collection needs.We can work in the field alongside your surveillance team. If surveillance operation coordination or team-leading is what you need, our team would be happy to assist.

Online Course

Not able to attend one of our courses but you would still like the certification?
We will be offering an online Certified Surveillance Operator course very soon and we are setting up the waiting list now.
Obviously, nothing is as good as attending the actual class and participating in the practical exercises but we realize not everyone can attend.
The online learning platform will be user friendly and easy to understand. Studentswho successfully complete the course will receive their Certified Surveillance Operator (CSO) certificate.
Whether you are already working in the investigations field or you are looking to get into it, the CSO certificate will compliment your portfolio or resume.

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